It is the Timor Foundation’s mission to empower the Timorese people to reconstruct and develep their country in accordance with their needs and expectations. The key for a life in dignity will be education and health.

To achieve this goal, the Foundation is developing projects to provide the local people with training and education. Each project is supported by international partners who intend to establish a business in Timor-Leste and who therefore are, in the medium to long term, dependent on local and educated workforce.

For this goal, the Timor Foundation combines national and international partners. With this concept, the Timor Foundation supports a sustainable and long-term development, which enhances the productivity of the country and creates employment.


Our Team

We are convinced: "Helping people to help themselves" is the only way to secure a sustainable development. We, as a team of philanthropists, have a strong will to help Timor-Leste to rebound its growth and economic success. Therefore, we assist in creating local investment opportunities and fostering education and healthcare. We would like to use our strong network in the International organizations and European corporate scene to create a long-term beneficial impact in Timor-Leste. more...

Our Mission

With its commitment the Timor Foundation supports Timor-Leste and tries to make the country more attractive for future investments of the investors and companies. The Timor Foundation has a so-called "bridge function". more...

Our Business Model

The business model of the Timor Foundation consists of several simple steps. In a first step, the market is analysed, business and investment opportunities are specified. Once these investment opportunities are found, the Timor Foundation searches for matching European investors for the projects. more...