Timor Foundation’s business model is guided by the slogan "help people to help themselves". It consists of several steps leading to enhanced employability or entrepreneurship.

Practical Training and Coaching - Proven Results

Step 1
: The market is analyzed, the data is consolidated and business opportunities are specified. With these opportunities in mind, the Timor Foundation searches for suitable entrepreneurs and investors.

Step 2: If the business design and resulting training needs are substantiated, we will take care of the development and implementation of an appropriate training programm in cooperation with the knowledge donator and local partners to ensure employability and sustainable knowledge transfer.

Step 3: In a later stage, the Timor Foundation might set up social businesses. This could be vocational schools or an entrepreneur and innovation center.


Our model with it's specific measures will decrease the constraints for a sound, independent development of Timor-Leste and is the basis for a functioning economy and future growth.

Knowledge and access to a network of helpful partners are essential for an accelerated, fairly distributed  and sustainable prosperity in the medium to long term. We support this by vocational trainings and economic and business education.


We are convinced that "to help people to help themselves" is the only long-term sustainable way for each individual and any country worldwide. To achieve this goal in Timor-Leste, we need support through your interest in investments, donations and personal commitment.