The Timor Foundation strives to support Timor-Leste's self-determined development to ensure independence by improving the country's attractiveness for investments.

Timor Foundation’s Vision and Mission

Since 2012, Timor Foundation has been working on elaborating projects aimed at creating “a catalytic impact on Timor-Leste’s development” and contributing to Timor-Leste government’s efforts in developing a self-sustainable diversified economy.
All the activities carried out by the Foundation are intended to improve health care facilities, run water solution projects, create a positive investment climate, and promote education and trainings as well as to reduce poverty by focusing on implementing pilot projects in remote and rural areas and by creating employments and new business opportunities.
Timor Foundation’s collaboration with international and local partners ensures the sustainable active participation of the population through “train the trainers” educational programs focused on entrepreneurship, environmental issues and technical skills and, in this line, the creation of a high qualified Timorese workforce.
Timor Foundation believes that Timor-Leste is an ideal candidate for “leapfrogging,” which means that the country could jump ahead in some industries and directly implement the newest technologies without having to first implement the traditional businesses/technologies that mature markets had to go through. 
In this line, the Foundation designs and supports only projects conceived as innovative business models, which can build internal know-how and expertise on the latest environmental-friendly technology, helping Timor-Leste to become, on a long term perspective, internationally competitive internationally and a model for other countries in the same region. 

Each specific education and training project will be accomodated by either an appropriate private investment or a development step by the Timorese government.

The Timor Foundation has a cooperations with Scope Asia LDA; After adapting and testing various pilot projects with the help of donations and impact investments the projects are scaled-up and commercialized with the help of Scope Asia. For further information visit the following page.