Timor Foundation promotes Vocational Training as a bases for young Timorese people to ensure their future. Our Goal is to capacitate VET in Timor-Leste according to Swiss dual model for hospitality industry as a first step.

We are seeking funds for first training center: 255’000 USD



The Facts

The Concept
Timor-Leste with its beautiful landscapes and the natural hospitality of the people has a great potential for future tourism development. Beside world-standard infrastructure so far well trained people is the biggest gab into high standards. Well trained people is the basic key to success for all hospitality and tourism businesses.
Switzerland is very successful in its vocational training and has long-term experience with a good system. One of its key premises is the combination between theoretical and practical training: the dual model. This means that knowledge gained in classes will be settled in practical lessons and routine in a real work environment.
Ideally a vocational training center for hospitality is combined with a hotel operating in the real market. During peak hours (mainly breakfast, lunch, diner) there are only theoretical classes in the school infrastructure. In between the specific hotel infrastructure as kitchen, restaurants, rooms, etc. can be used as training facilities as well.
Students that successfully passed a first module of theoretical and practical training, can be used as assistant hotel staff in the real work environment and deepen their skills until they have enough routine to get a job in the industry.

The Solution
Instead of just copying the successful Swiss model this will be adapted to the real need of Timorese market. As a first step the needs of local hospitality employers are identified.
Based on the identified needs for employability the school and training concept is developed based on the successful Swiss model. As the partner of Timor Foundation gained already long-term experience in this in many countries it will be more a tailoring than an adaptation.
In pilot runs the developed programs will be tested, evaluated and fine-tuned to ensure that they also fit the needs of the students.
All educational concepts are fully modular designed. This means that a student can on the one hand enlarge its knowledge horizontally into other professions or skills. On the other hand, by time a vertical expansion into supervisory and managerial programs will be established.
As Swiss vocational training system is very comprehensive the main adaptation will be a useful reduction into the locally needed competences. The plan is to train cooks, F&B waiters, housekeepers and receptionists in a first step. Later on expansion to other professions is easy possible in the planned modular system.

The Facts
Project Costs in USD
- Concept Development: 80’000
- Pilot Training: 130’000
- Provision Facilities: 45’000
- Implementation and Expansion: 200’000
- Costs for facilities, infrastructure and local staff are not included
- In addition costs for travel and accommodation of the Swiss experts will incur

Project Duration

  • If local information is available in time and infrastructure in place the pilot run can be provided within latest six months after project start
  • For the whole project a two year period is planned.

Further Steps
Timor Foundation seeks to support its partners sustainable, what means to be there also after realization. This could be for example through quality control or issuing certificates guaranteeing Swiss standard.

Cooperation Partners
The vocational training project will be realized in co-operation with Swiss Hospitality Academy GmbH in Switzerland, represented by Beat R. Wicki and Scope Asia Ltd represented by Barbara Lietz. Beat R. Wicki is appointed as project manager as he has long-term and worldwide expertise and experience in this field.

In order to develop and implement this project successfully, it requires strong partners. These will be from Switzerland, the renowned Swiss Hospitality Academy,  from Timor-Leste, the well-known Canossa Institute in Dili and the Mr.Jape International Group.

Whether high-end tourists will come, depends on the quality of services provided and the hospitality demonstrated. This means the quality and standards of the education will decide upon success. The Canossa schools are the best local partner for it. Together with hotelleriesuisse who sets the standards in hospitality education we will set up appropriate training facilities locally and can offer further education abroad. To ensure sustainibility we coopperate with the Jape International group, as a major local employer and the government.

This project will be supported by: Swiss Hospitality Academy and the Canossa Institute Dili.

Our projects are in need of your support and engagement. Your decision directly supports a project, a student and/or a human being in Timor-Leste. Please do not hesitate and click on the following Link.

Vocational training for hospitality in a hotel

Vocational training for hospitality in the kitchen

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