The training center provides a multi-year training for young dynamic pupils. What is not typical in Fatumaca, compared to the rest of East-Timor, is the survival of the Father Locatelli Polytechnic School and its associated primary school and junior secondary school. The High School is a vital facility due to its role in training tradesmen and technicians who will assist with the restoration and development of the country. There are four areas of specialization: carpentry, basic engineering, electricity and electronics.

The school's Principal, Father Virgilio, has noted "Our main focus is to do our upmost to make this school run properly to prepare the people in their respective skills so they can be an asset to the country. I think the future depends very much on the young people who are preparing themselves now. If they are well prepared, then we can hope for a better future."

For the Timor Foundation, the school is another important local partner in education and training.


The Father Locatelli School is a partner of the mineral water project and the drinking water treatment project.