The FPEM is a non-profit private organization sponsoring science, education and social interest.

The FPEM is committed

  • To promote, support and sponsor scientific and educational events
  • To stimulate and to collaborate in the development of education, investigation and continuing improvement in areas within the medical sciences

The FPEM aims are:
  • to create and maintain cash prizes for students with the highest scores in Immunology and Genetic areas
  • to support financially research projects in immunology and genetics of an eligible student's project
  • when sponsored, confer a cash prize for a research project in genetics, immunology and haematology for senior scientists
  • collaborate and support the organizations organizing medical conferences and meetings
  • support the bone marrow program

Until now the FPEM has sponsored twelve prizes for the best students and five research projects for university students in the Porto Medicine Faculties (total amount 135.000,00€).
The FPEM have already supported four YES (Young European Scientists) Meetings and still continue to do so in the future. The total amounts of diplomas given to winners are twenty two, which correspond to an amount of 5.500€. Meanwhile, the FPEM is trying to motivate several Portuguese speaking countries in creating and developing Diagnostics Centres.

On 18, 19 & 20 January 2013, the first International Conference was held on Histocompatibility, Immunogenetics and Personalized Medicine (11º Sino-Luso Forum). Furthermore, the FPEM collaborated in five Sino-Luso Forum events.


The Prof. Ernesto Morais Foundation Portugal is a partner of the Diagnostic Centre.