The work of SCOPE ASIA focuses on the development of smart solutions for major infrastructure challenges in Asia. We support European and Asian companies in understanding the real challenges and local requirements in Asia, integrating their expertise, products and services into business ecosystems that fulfill the needs of the local people and governments and manage business development projects where required.

The SCOPE ASIA approach is based on both practical experience, as well as conceptual thinking helping decision makers who want their business to grow in Asia! We do not think in industries or products but in solutions, that our clients' company can contribute to solve existing problems in Asia.

The SCOPE ASIA Approach is based on three major elements:

  • Intelligence Focus
  • Thinking in Business Ecosystems
  • Project Management Excellence

SCOPE ASIA Timor actively supports clients through its widespread local networks in Asia to access relevant experts and decision makers in their target market(s) to really understand the rules of the game. SCOPE ASIA and its business development partners, including some of the best business schools in Asia, are able to create unique industry forums for local decision makers and experts. Here clients can present themselves and their company in a way like no other – and not only once, but also on a regular basis.
SCOPE ASIA and its industry partners work on solutions for:
  • Access to clean drining water
  • Development of sustainable agriculture
  • Providing affordable healthcare
  • Eco-friendly mobility solutions
  • Locally acceptable environmental protection
  • Effective vocational training programs
  • Hospitality and tourism management following SWISS standards