Shunyata Villas Bali

Shunyata Villas Bali is a multi-award-winning eco-luxury boutique resort on the east coast of Bali, far away from rush and mass tourism.

When the owners of the recently awarded "Luxury Wellness Resort of the Year 2016" were travelling around Bali they found this place with a very special peaceful and uplifting energy. They knew that here their vision could become reality: to create a hotel which combines the most personal attention with retreat and paradise-like seclusion. At this magical spot, you can relax deeply and find peace of mind; and it provides you the possibility to discover the real authentic Bali.

"Shunyata Villas Bali has mastered the science of peace"
- Hotel Boutique Awards

The award-winning private eco-luxury resort of the Shunyata Villas Bali is located on a cliff top at the east coast of the island. Far away from mass tourism and the urban rush, this exclusive wellness & nature boutique resort not only offers high-class accommodation in harmony with nature but also engages in social and environmental projects in the village of Seraya.

Since the opening, many low-income locals were supported with financial resources or other donations in kind. In addition to the regular hotel stuff, people from the local village are regularly employed to work on smaller projects. The electricity and water supply, the buildings and the technical installations for the pools and the garden are in line with high eco-friendly standards. For example, the wastewater of the toilets, bathrooms and kitchen is processed by a "BioSafe" system and flows to the "waste water gardens". The in-house laundry, kitchen and cleaning personnel use biodegradable products, and all the villas' bathrooms are equipped with biodegradable soaps and shampoos.

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