The Swiss based company Trunz Water Systems develops, manufactures and distributes solar and wind powered systems for water purification and desalination as well as energy supply systems. The innovative company offers sustainable solutions for the decentralized portable water and electricity supply in remote areas. The units are exceptionally energy efficient, independent, compact and environmentally friendly. Trunz is world market leader in this sector and offers unique solutions.

Trunz’ innovative and environmentally friendly technology produces clean drinking water from polluted water and salt water with solar and/or wind energy. An ultra-filtration membrane or a reverse osmosis system (for sea or brackish water) removes all virus and bacteria (and salts) without requiring toxic chemical treatment.

The Trunz Water Systems are compact, mobile and work without ongoing fuel costs. If necessary, the units can be mounted on a trailer or 4 wheel drive and easily relocated. The systems are complete with a borehole pump, solar racks as well as a wind generator and ready for installation. All of the Trunz Water Systems require only low maintenance - they are equipped with an automatic back flushing system to keep maintenance and service costs as low as possible. The capacity depends on the raw water quality and ranges from 7’000 to 50’000 litres daily.

In addition, the company provides engineering and manufacturing of tailor-made, containerized solutions for larger capacities. Designed to provide relief to communities and camps affected by a lack of power supply and safe drinking water, the Trunz Water Systems can purify water from almost any polluted freshwater source, including rivers, creeks and wells. Moreover, some of the Trunz Water Systems which are equipped with a reverse osmosis system are able to remove chemicals and salt. The main advantage is the exceptionally low energy consumption and thanks to the wind turbine, the units deliver additional electricity to power computers or recharge small appliances.

Trunz Water Systems also provides additional equipment such as monitoring systems, stand-alone energy supplies etc. to name but a few. The company is based in Switzerland and belongs to the Trunz Group which manufactures the units in Steinach, Switzerland. With a production area of 18.000 m2 and modern, high-tech equipment, the ISO certified company guarantees highly professional competence and Swiss quality.

At present, over 650 Trunz Water Systems are already operating in more than 35 countries all over the world.


Trunz Water Systems AG is a partner of the drinking water treatment project.