In order to finalize the development and launch the projects, the next trip to Timor will include meeting with the different partners in Timor Leste and to receive their commitment to support  Timor Foundation’s work.

In order to gain experience and know-how, the Timor Foundation will initially focus its work on 3 main industries: Water Supply Projects, Education Programm for Hospitality and Management Services and Healthcare Projects.


Clean water is the essential precondition for a healthy life. It is a prerequisite to reduce early childhood deaths.
In accordance with its unique concept to empower the timorese people to develop their country, the Timor foundation combines technical solutions with education to maintain the systems and the creation of employment opportunities by setting up watershops.

In a second project targeted at the more wealthy population and tourists, a bottled water farbrication will be set up by local and international investors to reduce imports from abroad. Here again adopted education programms will be run by the foundation to provide educated people to run the production and to market and sell the products. Each new skill is a step further to rebuild Timor-Leste. more...



Education is the fundament of a growing nation. The Timor Foundation will therefore support a broad scope of  education for timorese people.

An nation can only grow, if they know what they have to change. Good educated people can act and react.
The Timor Foundation wants to help the people, that they can help themselves. more...



Timor-Leste lacks comprehensive medical care. 700 physicians returned from Cuba where they received a basic medical education. Today they work mainly in remote areas. Overall there is a lack of well-trained medical personnel from technical assistants, nurses to physicians. An injury like a small cut can become a major problem for patients. Childrens’ and adults’ heart diseases are high on the agenda, due to under- and malnutrition. Dengue, tuberculosis and malaria are especially widespread. Timor is missing appropriate diagnostic capabilities and experts. The quality of the hospitals is poor and for the remote living people not accessible. more...



The Timor Foundation supports various partner projects in Timor-Leste. more...