Education and training are the keys to improving the life opportunities of Timorese people and enabling them to reach their full potential. These factors are also vital to Timor-Leste’s economic development and growth. Therefore, the vision of Timor Foundation says that all Timorese children should attend school and receive a quality education that gives them the knowledge and skills to lead healthy, productive lives and actively contributes to the nation’s development. 

From start of the independence to this day the education policies which were implemented in Timor-Leste were intended to improve and transform the educational system and originated from Indonesia’s occupation of 24 years.


Vocational Education and Training in Hospitality and Tourism

A continuous development of tourism is only possible with good education in the tourism and hotel industry. The quality of service reflects on the future growth of the tourism industry in East-Timor. In the medium to long term the country will present itself as a high quality host. more...