Liter of Light (University of St. Gallen)

Our primary objective is to support Liter of Light initiatives around the world to illuminate underprivileged households.
The need
Timor-Leste is a country with slightly over 1 million of inhabitants and over two thirds of them live without access to electricity in their home - Thus, they do not have light in their homes, even during the day
The idea
Plastic bottles are installed in the roofs of houses as a source of indoor light
The plastic bottle is filled with only water and bleach. The liquid inside the bottle harnesses the light from the sun, capturing and diffracting the light to all parts of the room. It is equivalent to a 55 watt light bulb. The average lifetime of a solar bottle is estimated to be between 4-5 years.
It consists of a 1.5l PET bottle filled with purified water and bleach (10 ml). A special glue is used to bond and seal the bottle to the roof.
Adding the bleach to the water makes sure that the water stays clean and transparent without algae growing inside and turning the water green. more...


Bairo Pite Hospital: New water source project

The Bairo Pite hospital needs a new water source. Because the current source is not deep enough and it is therefore likely that it is already contaminated with E-Coli -bacteria. Furthermore, the amount of water available in the source is insufficient for the hospital operation. A new water source, which is deeper, purer and has a greater amount of water, is urgently needed. A suitable system including pump can be purchased for about $ 5,000.


Bairo Pite Hospital: Training of a technican project

To ensure that this new water source is maintained well and professionally, it needs appropriate and skilled workers. So it can be ensured that the system runs smoothly in the future.


Bairo Pite Hospital: New small clarification plant project

On the grounds of Bairo Pite hospital there are three small wastewater treatment plants. The first two function properly and do not require renewal. The third, however, runs over every now and again and threatened the surrounding terrain of Bairo Pite Hospital. It is in this form unsustainable and dangerous. Therefore we ask for donation for donations for such a system.


Bairo Pite Hospital: New sewerages project

The current sewer lines in Bairo Pite Hospital are open and often contain biological impurities. This is unacceptable for a hospital in this form and in urgent need of Rennovation. The associated costs have not been estimated yet. Nevertheless, the Bairo Pite Hospital would be happy if here a donor, a patron or a company could help with a donation or its knowledge.

The hygienic conditions are a disaster for patients in this hospital. For this reason we ask for urgent support through donations.