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Liter of Light Europe is part of a global open source network with the aim to spread an alternative cheap source of light. The Liter of Light Team has been in Timor-Leste for several days and implemented there the system.

During the first two days of the mission, Liter of Light (LL) Project was presented to different Ministers, local decision makers and students to discuss possible future cooperation.

After finding two motivated students from the Universidade National de Timor-Leste, the Liter of Light students taught them how to build the solar bottle bulbs and discussed how to best proceed to ensure a sustainable impact and growth of LL in Timor-Leste.

On 10 May, the LL team spent the morning at the Canossa Comoro School to present LL to students and then doing workshops with the different classes. The enthusiasm encountered among the students was high and many wanted to join and develop LL.

In the afternoon we discussed cooperation possibilities with Moris Rasik, a local NGO which provides micro credits to locals. They agreed to integrate LL into their portfolio and will now be training one or two people per village they visit, to install bottles. These people will then be selling their services to their community. Since interest payments are due weekly, a member of that NGO staff will be able to observe the development of Liter of Light on a weekly basis and agreed to report the results of the different districts to the local LL chapter. 
In the evening the LL team spent a couple of hours with a group of 7 interested students to discuss the pillars of their new organization.

On 11 May, the LL team started the day with their first installation. One of the students decided that if he was going to promote the idea he needed to have an installation in his home first. So with some assistance he installed his first bottle in his own home.

The afternoon was spent again organizing the new LL chapter. We provided help with certain decisions and told them what was needed for the organization, but basically let the now 14 members discuss the main points by themselves.

The next few days were spent in Oecusse, a Timorese enclave in Indonesia.  Accompanied by Sergio one of the newly recruited team members of Liter of Light Timor-Leste, the LL team was welcomed by very friendly nuns and enjoyed beautiful landscapes. Sister Marcella, the head of a local girls' boarding school gave the team the possibility to train her students and is planning to install a couple of bottles in her school. Furthermore thanks to her recommendation, the LL team was able to present the project in a local school and also do some workshops with the students, all of this with the help of Sergio translating on one side and learning how to do presentations himself on the other. After encountering high interest among the local students we left them the contact information of the Dili chapter to align their efforts and support each other.
Finally before leaving Oecusse by ferry, the team met with the local chapter of Moris Rasik to give it a workshop too and discuss in detail how they could join efforts to develop Liter of Light in Oecusse.
Before leaving for Singapore and Zurich on 16 May, the LL team met again with the board members of the newly created Liter of Light chapter of Timor-Leste to discuss how to support them in future and what their next steps would be to ensure the further development and growth of the organization and the idea.

Therefore, the participation of LL to the mission was highly beneficial and enabled to launch a new chapter for the LL organization. The team will follow-up on the scaling up and development of LL team in Timor-Leste.

This project is supported by Asia Connect Center of the University of St. Gallen.

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