First water-shop inauguration December 1st, 2016 (Canossa Comoro)

Dear Excellences,
Dear Madres, Guests and Students,

Today is a very special moment for us all as we officially celebrate and open the water location in Canossa Comoro.
This is the first Water Shop, or /location, in Dili where we all find 100% clean and drinkable water, packed in a new storing system called “Bag-in-Box”. The highest standards and quality levels are guaranteed by this packing system. 80% less plastic and much money saved, to store the water over a long time.

Since 2013 we have been working on this concept, in a long term relationship with our partners Scope Asia Switzerland, Trunz Water Systems and the Canossa Foundation. Sister Guilhermina Marcal, went to Trunz Water System in Steinach, during her official visit 2014, in Switzerland. Trunz Water Systems is well-known worldwide and has converted the vision of a simple self-sufficient water treatment system into practice It combined it with a packing system called “Bag-in-Box”, from Scope Asia Switzerland.

The funds from Timor Foundation brought this unique solution into reality: for the school of Canossa Comoro and for its 4.500 students. At the end of last year, all the technical equipment and the materials have been delivered through containers from Switzerland to Timor Leste. The installation of the machinery was completed in February 2016. Technical training and coaching was supported by our partners Scope Asia Switzerland and Scope Asia Timor in cooperation with Trunz Water Systems.

We trust this system and this innovative combination of a water treatment machine and the “Bag-in-box” packing system. The films comply with FDA and BDA, the highest food regulations in the world. We hope that all students and even the guests will take home today minimum one 5-litre “Bag-in-box”. Clean drinking water is one of the relevant points which will help Timor Leste to improve the health of the population.

It will bring a change in your environment – no plastic bottles anymore - 80% less plastic with the solution “Bag-in-Box”. It will generate a change in your daily health standards. It could mean a remarkable reduction of plastic bottles and we all know how important this is for Timor Leste. Today the Country has 1.2 million people, if everybody takes 1-liter water daily in a plastic bottle, Timor Leste will use daily 1.2 million plastic bottles daily. 6 million per week, in 4 weeks 24 million, and in a year 288 million bottles.

More and more waste every day, every week every month. This waste destroys your environment; even your health will be affected. Thus, we have a high demand to solve this problem. Timor Leste is a fascinating Country, populated by fascinating people and has to face these problems. Can you imagine how Timor Leste looks like in 10 years time, if we do nothing to increase the life conditions of his inhabitants?

This innovation can help to solve one of the difficulties, but it is necessary to start to think different, to accept new solutions, which can improve life conditions. It will be a plus, plus operation for all of us, for our homes, our environment, and our Country, Timor Leste. Canossa Comoro will be the first place where to find this high quality and innovative solution. On this stage, I would like to thank the Canossa Foundation, all the Madres, especially Sister Guilhermina Marcal, for the flexibility, the trust in our solution, the support and cooperation over the last years.

Hello everybody, hello Students – Do you think we can bring the change and think differently?
Yes we can- We are ready to start this new water shop – let us celebrate this valuable moment together.
Thank you very much for your attention.

May God bless you all
Barbara Lietz


The Authorities

The crowd

The new Water shop

Patiently lining up