Drinking Water Treatment Project

Timor Foundation promotes this initiative aiming at improving quality of life for children in schools Timor-Leste. Our goal is to increase the health standards of the population and to protect the environment, no more waste of plastic bottles!

                      We are seeking funds for 10 Schools: each school USD 11,000


The Mission
Clean drinking water is essential for life and for the functioning of every society. Timor Foundation is committed to improve the water situation, especially for the younger population. More than 1,500 schools have no access to clean drinkable water. More than 100,000 students and children walk every day several hours to the schools and have no chance to be served with drinkable water.
For schools with water tanks or a water source, but still no access to clean drinkable water, we can offer our technology. In this moment we want make and bring a difference. We installed in the last two years Trunz water machines in Water shops which produce drinkable water with a packing systems called bag-in-box. The Water shops can support schools in a small radius around them.

Timor Foundation believes that, combining both state-of-the-art technology and education to exploit it, represents a success factor for the Timorese population.  

The Solution
In order to improve the quality standards, the introduction of the Trunz TWM light machine represents our solution: it is a unit that transforms available municipal water into clean drinkable water. Trunz TWM light is equipped with a three-filtration procedure, which removes even small particles and almost all the known viruses and bacteria. This unit is equipped with an ultra-filtration membrane, a system to backflush the membrane, and an activated carbon filter to remove smell and odors from the water. This process keeps the natural minerals in the source water.

The maintenance costs are limited in amount and the service life much longer when compared to conventional filtration systems. Extremely helpful for remotely located schools, Trunz TWM light does not require any power supply. The Team from our partner Scope Asia Timor LDA in Timor-Leste is able to support the installations and to serve in any kind of maintenance issues.

For any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@timor-foundation.com 
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The Facts:
- Costs per Unit TWW light: 6,000 USD
- Power Supply: None/not necessary
- Feed pump: None/not necessary
- Can serve up to: 3,000 litre per day
- Quality of the produced water: 99.999% virus and bacteria free
- Guarantee: 5-year from Trunz water systems (Switzerland)

Additional costs:
- Transportation (Switzerland-Timor Leste, to the individual schools) for 10 TWM light: 20,000.00 USD
- Installation and training costs for all schools (in Timor Leste): 30,000.00 USD

Cooperation partners:
Trunz TWM light will be provided by Timor Foundation based in Switzerland in cooperation with Trunz Water systems in Switzerland and Scope Asia Timor. Lda, Service and Implementation partner in Timor Leste.

Installation of the small water unit in another school of the Canossa Institute, Dili

Happy faces with the first Bag-in-Boxes from Scope Asia Switzerland

Trunz Water System

Trunz Water Systems in Steinach

Getting ready to work...

Bag-in-box refill process: diligent hard working!

Activities going on in the Water shop.

Storage room full of bag-in-boxes ready to be used...